Decoding the human brain with CoveConnectTM

By applying novel and scalable analysis tools to translate neuroscience data, Cove's Platform unlocks brain data science into functionally meaningful information for the private and academic sectors. The platform offers unprecedented value to users by accelerating neuroscience research and development.

Expert-derived & Evidence-based

Our team performs ongoing enhancements to model and software services, ensuring they stay current, adaptive, and responsive to evolving user needs and technological advancements.

Disease Agnostic

Our models are built on data from hundreds of patients across motor, mood, and memory disorders, leading to robust functional connectivity metrics and applicability to a wide range of neurologic and psychiatric disorders.

Enhanced Analytics

Our platform enables enhanced processing, analysis, and data interpretation, accelerating R&D in the neurosciences.


Our model uses artificial intelligence to maximize the accuracy and precision of predictions based on the input brain data.

Cove Offerings

Tech-Enabled Solutions

We provide efficient software solutions to address common challenges with processing, analyzing, and interpreting brain data science, with a focus on neurophysiologic recordings. This service offers combined neuroscientific and data science expertise to accelerate and de-risk neuroscience research and development.


We partner with organizations to develop software technologies to accelerate neuroscience research. These strategic and synergistic collaborations support the implementation of precision neuroscience and neuromodulation in the clinical trial setting.

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